Rae C Wright

This is the personal webpage of actress, playwright and acting teacher Rea C Wright

Vicki Weaver and I

Person:Vicki Weaver. 

Place: Ruby Ridge, Idaho.

Year: 1992


Person: Rae C Wright

Place:Your theatre/The Strand bookstore on Broadway in NYC

Year: 2014


Vicki Weaver was a self-educated, married, mother-of-four, who choses a life of poverty.  She was a seperatist, a seer, and self-proclaimed “racialist.  She became an outlaw.  She was shot in the head by an FBI snipers bullet while holding her infant daughter in her arms standing in the front doorway of her home.


Rae C Wright is an actor, an educator, a writer and a performer who lives in the groovy East Village of NYC, in 2014 and frequents The Strand Bookstore and the local movie theatres.


What could these two women possibly have in common ?

Denim…a prom dress…prescience …EVERY-THING??? 


Join Rae C Wright, and 2 girls who will be cast from your community, in sorting out “Vicki Weaver and I…..a comedy about hate”.