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She's Just Away

Odd and funny things happen to odd and funny people and Rae C Wright's journey to death's door with her mom is no exception.  Mourning becomes electrifying when this remarkable performer takes us on an odyssey through our culture’s vexed relationship to life’s end.  Along the way, we find angels, devils, coupons, morticians-with-tiny-heads and a Countach car.  We find that fusion of love and resentment that so often shapes family ties.  We even find a question or two about the manmade nature of cancer.

An original and compelling one-woman show, She’s Just Away peeks under the cloak of the accepted cultural formula for bereavement.  In her humorous riff on "modern" grieving, Rae does quiet (and not so quiet) battle with the denial that obstructs sorrow, using wit to craft a requiem for a mother who is no simple character.

“Wright’s …incredibly honest,
powerful, and even funny”

- The Village Voice -

exceptionally entertaining and powerful”

- Portland Press Herald -


Portland Press Herald

Portland Press Herald

The Village Voice   

The Village Voice



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